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Welcome to The Wendy's Student Athlete of The Week!
How does it work?
Submit a picture of your nominee for the Wendy's Student Athlete of the Week and a short description of their accomplishments.

Each week the WSAZ Sports team will review all the submissions and select one as the Student Athlete of the Week. If your nomination is not selected they could be next week.

How Do You Submit A Nomination?

Simply click on the "Submit your Nomication" tab above, complete the required fields, upload a good clear picture and tell us why your Student Athlete should be the next Wendy's Student Student Athlete of the Week!

When will the Student Athlete's of the Week be recognized?

WSAZ will recognize a regional high school athlete as Wendy's Student Athlete of the Week each Tuesday during First at Five and in the Tuesday myZtv Ten O’clock News.

To view a gallery of all the entries CLICK HERE

To view a gallery of our weekly Athlete's of the Week click here ATHLETE'S OF THE WEEK

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Wendy's Student Athlete of The Week

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